Freezer Meal Ideas

Freezer meal is perfect if you don’t want to cook everyday.

This can be done simply by making a big batch of a recipe and divide them up into containers to freeze.

By making freezer meal friendly, you can control the ingredients which means you will eat nutritious and healthy meal when you need it. Things like soups, stews, or beef broth is a great thing to have around, particularly during winter season or flu season.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!  

There are so many plant based meals that are freezable, but these are my favorite!

  1. Curry; anything with coconut broth and lemongrass is a great choice to freeze and comforting to eat. Check Coconut curry recipe here.
  2. Soups; lentil soup recipe is here.
  3. Meatlessballs ; like this broccoli cheddar nuggets.
  4. Quiche; like this tomatoes and kale quiche.
  5. Muffins; like this vegan banana dates, or banana muffins



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