Pastry Books Must-Have

The best way to learn is from the expert!

Here’s the list of pastry cookbooks you can have now instead of trying a bunch of recipes that don’t work. (learn from my mistakes, friends)



This book contains many different kind of cookies you can make at home. From bars, biscotti, brownies, everyday cookies, celebration cookies, sandwich cookies, savory cookies, you name it. This book has it all!

available at Amazon for $22.88 (originally $35)


The collaboration of an award-winning Art of the Pie Camps and Workshops nationwide; Kate McDermott and an editorial photographer, food stylist, writer, and a blogger; Andrew Scrivani brings this book to the lovable, delicious, and mouth watering pies for any occasions. 

available at Amazon   $ 23.22 (originally $35)


This classic cookbook has so many brunch inspired recipes. Comes from the owner of Clinton St. Baking Company, Dede Lahman and Neil Kleinberg. This book contains their favorite recipes used in their very own number one breakfast spot in New York City.

available at Amazon $7.39


What I love about this book is their petits fours and truffles recipes! (check page.105 and 113) If you like making party treats like truffles, petit fours, ganache, candies, or many different kind of confections – then this book is for you. Thinking of making  handmade gifts in a very cute box and ribbon? Check this book first to get inspired.

available at Amazon $ 21.36 (original $35)


If you’d ask my favorite bakery, then you probably know the answer!

Bouchon Bakery has so many great selections of pastries, croissants, breads, tarts, and macarons. So does their cookbook! I use their shortbreads cookie recipes (page.44) and the macarons recipes (page.59) all the time. This book is a good investment to keep for a long time.

available at Amazon  $44.74 (originally $50)




Not in the mood for collecting books? I totally get it!

These food blogs will inspire you to whip up delicious creations.

1. Minimalist Baker

They commit to deliver recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. Less is definitely MORE! Check out their beautiful and healthy dishes for everyday use. I know I will!

go to: minimalist baker


2. Smitten Kitchen

Almost everyone I know of like Deb Perelman style of cooking. Her recipes are easy to follow, and comforting. From Lasagna to German chocolate cake, you’ll find reasons to make delicious food at home.

go to: smitten kitchen 


3. My New Roots

This is my healthy site! Whenever I want to make something healthy, nutritious, using whole foods ingredients with, I’ll check the recipe button and cook away. Some of the recipes may require specialty ingredients (like sprouts, or millets, or buckwheat flour) but keep on trying because if anything, those specialty ingredients are very beneficial for your body!

go to: my new roots

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