6 keys to make the perfect pie!



Over the years of my experience working in the kitchen, making pies always turn on my curiosity. I’ve always wanted to make the perfect flaky and buttery dough, so I often try many different recipes, I’ve always intrigued by improving the taste, or how to get the perfect texture.

Because we are currently in November, I’d like to share with you 6 keys to make mouth watering, juicy, sweet and tangy apple pies you will thankful for on your dessert table during Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Pick the right apple!

Not all apples created for the same purpose. Some apples are better for cooking, but some are just meant to snacked on. The best apple pie has the right amount of sweetness, and tanginess. Some apples have thicker skin than the other, some are crunchier or softer. The key here is to research the right apple for baking. It’s totally recommended to mix your apples with 2 or 3 different kinds to get exceptional flavor and texture. You can ask your local farm, or purveyor for apple varieties and uses before buying your apple.

2. Let the dough REST!

Making pie dough is simple. The recipe is usually consist on butter, flour, sugar, salt, ice water, and sometimes eggs. However, patience is the key here! After you mix the dough, wrap them and put them in a fridge to rest for at least 30 minutes or more. Then you can begin to roll them, and shape them onto the pie plate. After that…. let them rest again. Chilling the dough before baking also prevents your crust from shrinking too much in the oven, allowing the gluten to relax and the fat to firm up in the fridge gives you an extra flaky crust you will love.

3. Don’t pre cook your apples.

Some of you may be thinking why pre cook apples if you are gonna bake them? But many people do that to prevent the gap in between the filling and the top crust. I’d still prefer seeing cut up apples when I slice my pie. Pre-cooked apples before baking resulting mushy fillings like sauce consistency. So if you are like me, cut your apples small enough to give them a good chance to bake, and you won’t get apple sauce texture in your pie.

4. Taste your filling.

All chefs I’ve worked with in the past, taste anything they make. They taste cake batter, cookie dough, ice cream base, sauces, and pie filling.

After you mix sugar, spices, juices, and flour, you should taste your filling so you can adjust if you need to. Because once they are in the oven, the only time you can taste your pie is when you serve them!

5. Egg white wash them.

Egg white is the key here. Brushing your pie with egg white wash gives you even flakier crust. Egg white also binds your dough. I love to sprinkle a little sugar in the raw just for a little good eye catching effect.

6. Look for the bubble.

Judging when your pie is ready could be tricky. There 2 things I always look to check if my pie is done. First, I run a paring knife to see if the apples are soft, and second, I look for the bubble. When your pie is bubbling, you know it’s time to take them out of the oven, and the most of all, you know it’s a party time!

Happy Baking!



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